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Restaurants Line Up Deals for National Fry Day


Restaurants Line Up Deals for National Fry Day

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Never ever in my entire life have I ever met a person who did not like french fries. I’m sure there are people out there, perhaps with a sensitivity to starchy or salty foods, but I’ve never known them, and frankly, I have no desire to. Fries are the perfect accompaniment to almost any meal, and if they aren’t perfect, they can be made perfect by their near-limitless compatibility with almost all condiments known to man. Truly, the noble fry is something that deserves to be celebrated for all time. It’s a good thing today is National French Fry Day.

Yes, continuing the trend of pretty much everything ever getting its own dedicated day of the year, today is National Fry Day, a day to go out and get yourself a big ol’ box of crispy, shoestring fries. Or curly fries. Or waffle fries. Any fries, really. Heck, LEGOLAND Florida took the time on Twitter to promote their world-famous apple fries in honor of the occasion.

If you’ve got a hankering for something crispy, and after that last paragraph, I’d surprised if you didn’t, most American fast food chains are offering some manner of deal on fries for the duration of the day. Red Robin is offering free bottomless fries for all dine-in orders, Wendy’s is including a free large fries with every purchase made on their app, Checkers is selling all fry sizes for a dollar, with each dollar spent getting donated to No Kid Hungry, and Jack in the Box is giving away free curly fries with app orders, just to name a few standouts.

As you may expect, though, the Golden Arches is taking things to the limit. To celebrate the beginning of their new MyMcDonald’s Rewards program, McDonald’s is running the “World Famous Fan” contest, where one lucky winner will win free fries for life. Check out the McDonald’s app for more info.

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