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Residents of Colorado Express Disapproval Towards Ownership of Casa Bonita by ‘South Park’ Creators


Residents of Colorado Express Disapproval Towards Ownership of Casa Bonita by ‘South Park’ Creators

Credit: Unsplash

If you’re a frequent viewer of South Park, you may be familiar with the name “Casa Bonita.” Situated in Lakewood, Colorado, this authentic Mexican eatery showcases mariachi bands, cliff divers, and readily available sopapillas. It gained prominence in a 2003 episode of South Park, establishing a lasting association with the show. Following the restaurant’s closure due to bankruptcy, the show’s creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, have expressed interest in acquiring it. They have put forward $3.1 million for the purchase, fully intending to proceed. Nevertheless, certain locals in Lakewood would prefer Stone and Parker to refrain from this transaction.

An activist organization, fittingly named “Save Casa Bonita,” has lodged a formal protest against Stone and Parker’s bid to buy the establishment. Andrew Novick, the group’s leader, presented the objection in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court case involving Summit Family Restaurants Inc., the entity behind Casa Bonita. The group is seeking donations via GoFundMe and potential investors to at least partially settle the restaurant’s debts and preserve its ownership within the Lakewood community.

“Our group is disappointed that we were not afforded an equitable opportunity to engage in negotiations for the purchase of the Debtor’s assets,” stated Novick in the objection. “The sales motion asserts that the potential buyers’ offer is made in ‘good faith,’ devoid of deceit, conspiracy, or an endeavor to unfairly exploit other bidders. We maintain that this sale should be disallowed due to the implicated landlord’s involvement in these actions.”

“The group I am collaborating with strongly asserts that the ongoing suggested sale was not genuinely conducted at arm’s length, and that the landlord exerted pressure on Mr. Wheaton to favor a specific buyer instead of finalizing a deal with our group or allowing a transparent opportunity for competitive bids on the restaurant,” added Novick.

As of the time of writing, the presiding judge has not issued any formal decisions.

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