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Resident of Ohio Emerges as the First ‘Vaccine Millionaire’


Resident of Ohio Emerges as the First ‘Vaccine Millionaire’

Credit: Unsplash

Although roughly half of the overall populace of the United States have received a minimum of one vaccine dose, there are still many individuals who exhibit some hesitancy towards undergoing vaccination. The primary concerns typically pertain to the widely recognized aftereffects arising post the second vaccination shot (which, based on personal experience, are truly not as severe), and naturally, there exists the standard group of individuals peddling conspiracy theories suggesting that vaccines are tools for controlling minds or something along those lines. In a bid to combat this reluctance, various states within the US have initiated reward programs aimed at providing additional motivation for getting vaccinated. This week, a major victor emerged.

Ohio is currently administering its own “Vax-a-Million” raffle, under which any Ohio citizen who gets vaccinated is automatically included for a chance to win a million dollars, courtesy of the Ohio Department of Health. On a Wednesday, the raffle crowned its very first champion: 22-year-old Abbey Bugenske from Cincinnati. During a journey to Cleveland, Ohio’s Governor, Mike DeWine, personally contacted her to convey the news of her new millionaire status.

“There was enough commotion from my end that my parents initially presumed something was amiss or that I was in distress,” she shared at a media event. “Once I started shouting about my sudden $1 million win and realization of becoming a millionaire, they advised me to take a pause and ascertain whether it was a prank or not.”

Bugenske intends to allocate part of her newfound wealth towards acquiring a fresh automobile for herself, while the remaining portion will either be put into investments or contributed to local charitable organizations. Nevertheless, even without receiving this incredible grand prize, Bugenske emphasized that she would have undoubtedly opted for vaccination regardless.

“Vaccinations have always been a part of my medical past. Thus, making the decision to promptly go and acquire the vaccine was rather straightforward,” she affirmed. “I extend my encouragement to everybody to embrace the vaccine. If winning $1 million isn’t a sufficient motivator, then I am not certain what would be.”

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