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Rental Opportunity: ‘Home Alone’ Residence on Airbnb


Rental Opportunity: ‘Home Alone’ Residence on Airbnb

Credit: Unsplash

Home Alone, a beloved creation by writer Jon Hughes, is etched in the hearts of many. Its mix of physical comedy and exuberant childlike joy has solidified its status as a timeless holiday favorite, launching Macaulay Culkin’s career to stardom. Should you yearn for the nostalgic ambiance of the film’s cozy aesthetics and ingenious pranks, and happen to call Chicago home, an enticing offer awaits on Airbnb.

In the upcoming month, Airbnb will make available for a single night – December 12 – an exclusive opportunity to stay at the exact house featured in Home Alone, nestled in the outskirts of Chicago, accommodating up to four guests. The cost for this unforgettable experience is merely $25, with bookings opening on December 7. Expect the house to be adorned with Christmas trimmings, 90s relics, and a handful of playfully crafted traps.

The special event will be hosted by Devin Ratray, the actor who portrayed Kevin’s mischievous elder sibling Buzz McCallister in the movie. “You might not recall me being very hospitable,” Ratray quipped in-character. “Nevertheless, as time’s passed, I’m delighted to offer you a taste of my family abode – possibly sharing a slice of pizza as well – this festive season. Just make sure not to unleash my pet tarantula, Axl, this time around.”

“Having watched the movie numerous times, you’ve observed the Christmas tree in the main room, witnessed the staircase, people dashing up and down, and glimpsed the kitchen where Buzz had a cheesy mishap. Now, you have the chance to tread through those very spaces,” he detailed.

“This festive period, we’re playing by my little brother’s regulations, so feel free to indulge in junk food, indulge in mindless TV entertainment, borrow my dad’s cologne, and embark on your own escapade, guided by a famous battle strategy,” Ratray concluded. “Just remember to steer clear of my quarters, alright?”

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