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Why Did Kourtney Kardashian Undergo Emergency Surgery During Pregnancy?

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Why Did Kourtney Kardashian Undergo Emergency Surgery During Pregnancy?

In the latest episode of the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian becomes candid about the critical fetal surgery she underwent during her pregnancy with her seven-month-old baby, Rocky.

Kourtney Kardashian found herself in a critical situation requiring immediate fetal surgery a few months prior to the birth of her and Travis Barker’s first child last year, an event now detailed in the freshly released season of The Kardashians on Disney+. The mother of five recounts the harrowing experience.

Last year’s reports of the reality TV celebrity’s rush to the hospital for fetal surgery coincided with Travis leaving for a European tour with Blink-182.

In the fifth installment of The Kardashians, Kourtney offers insight into the incident, describing how a doctor conducting an in-home ultrasound spotted a concerning sign with her unborn child.

After an in-home scan hinted at potential complications, Kourtney was advised to consult with medical experts who decided to perform surgery without delay.

“We had a scan set up at our house to allow the kids and Travis to see the baby before he departed on tour,” Kourtney narrates on The Kardashians. “The doctor responsible for the scan is extremely meticulous and observant, and he detected something that prompted him to recommend that I get specialist opinions.”

Though Kourtney remained tight-lipped about what precisely alerted the doctors, she stated that she was immediately whisked into surgery after consulting with them.

“I underwent fetal surgery in which they operate on the baby within the womb,” she explained, disclosing to her friends that her mother Kris Jenner accompanied her to the hospital since she wasn’t permitted to consume any food or beverages before the operation and couldn’t drive herself afterwards.

Travis urgently returned to the U.S., but updates from his wife were unavailable due to malfunctioning wifi on the plane.

“By the time he arrived, my surgery was already complete because they needed to act immediately,” Kourtney went on. “Travis came directly to my side at the hospital as soon as he landed, taking charge and remaining with me overnight.”

Kourtney’s companions noted Travis’s remarkable support and his exemplary role as a spouse.

Concurring, Kourtney remarked: “Afterward, I told him, ‘you genuinely are my partner’”.

Following the procedure, Kourtney was prescribed bed rest, forbidden to stay on her feet for durations surpassing 20 minutes.

When one friend inquired about the rapidity of the baby’s complications, Kourtney revealed that the timing was crucial and served as a lifesaver for her child.

“It happened swiftly,” she continued. “The fortuitous timing was truly miraculous and safeguarded everything. My heart is filled with gratitude for the way things unfolded and the medical experts who helped make astute decisions that preserved our baby’s life.”

Her doctor then cautioned them that the ordeal they had endured was traumatic and that they needed time to acknowledge and process it.

She went on to explain: “The doctor emphasized ‘what you’ve just gone through was a trauma, and I want you all to take a moment to realize that it was indeed traumatic’.”

Prenatal surgery is an intervention performed on a fetus while still in the womb to ameliorate the effects of certain congenital disorders and enhance the baby’s long-term health prognosis.

This type of surgery is indicated for a range of potentially fatal abnormalities in the unborn child. Fetal surgery is uncommon and several criteria must be satisfied prior to its consideration.

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