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Razer Confirms Intentions to Develop Multi-Hued Facial Covering


Razer Confirms Intentions to Develop Multi-Hued Facial Covering

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Back in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, the main focus was understandably on pandemic safety. Various businesses introduced an array of touch-free gadgets, sanitizing devices, and numerous intelligent technology-enhanced face covers. Amidst all these advanced masks, one particular standout was Project Hazel. Razer, a company typically recognized for crafting gaming PC accessories adorned with vibrant RGB lighting, revealed Project Hazel. Initially, there was uncertainty among viewers regarding this innovation; while intelligent masks are intriguing, the concept of incorporating RGB lights seemed somewhat ludicrous. However, today, Razer has officially affirmed that, despite its whimsical nature, Project Hazel will soon become a reality.

“We pondered over whether this was just a conceptual endeavor and if it would remain pertinent once widespread vaccinations are achieved,” mentioned Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan in an interview with Yahoo Finance. “However, we have decided to proceed in materializing it and launch this innovative mask.”

“We have come to the realization that even with vaccinations, mask-wearing is still imperative due to the lingering risk. Furthermore, many regions may not achieve widespread vaccination coverage in the coming year or two, warranting cautious behavior, especially during travel.

“With these considerations, we are committed to addressing the sustainability aspect of the mask, which is a critical priority for us. Project Hazel will soon become a reality. We are resolute in making this concept materialize, as it seems we will all need to adapt to prolonged mask usage.”

In addition to its RGB illumination, Project Hazel is set to include an N95-grade filter, a rechargeable air circulation system, a transparent panel allowing visibility of the mouth, and a voice amplifier for enhanced audibility. Razer hopes that the pandemic will not have subsided by the time this distinctive product is completed.

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