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Protest Against Abbott’s Directive by Texas Drivers


Protest Against Abbott’s Directive by Texas Drivers

Recently, following the declaration by the Biden Administration to terminate a policy that turned away asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border, Texas Governor Greg Abbott implemented a requirement stipulating that all transport trucks entering the border undergo supplementary inspections by state troopers. This requirement has been met with strong disapproval from transportation workers on both sides of the border due to the increased searches causing significant traffic congestion, subsequently resulting in delays for crucial deliveries.

Expressing concern to Abbott, Dante L. Galeazzi, CEO and leader of the Texas International Produce Association, emphasized that the directive “has created chaos within our supply chain, potentially leading to shortages of fresh produce on state store shelves.”

“While border security is a critical aspect of this area, so too is the commerce that sustains the livelihoods of millions of Texans. As per a study by Texas A&M, the import of fresh produce from Mexico not only provides employment for almost 8,000 Texans but also contributes $850M to the state’s economy.”

“The additional inspection by Texas DPS following truck passage across the border is causing significant delays without a proportional enhancement in border security,” Lance Jungmeyer, president of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas, conveyed in a separate communication to Abbott.

Yesterday, a coalition of Mexican drivers staged a barricade on the Mexican side of the border to voice their opposition to the directive. At present, the blockade remains in place, and Abbott has refrained from addressing the grievances.

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