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Prohibition on Masks Lifted in Hong Kong


Prohibition on Masks Lifted in Hong Kong

Despite the termination of the extensive mandate, numerous inhabitants in Hong Kong are opting to retain their masks.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, the residents of Hong Kong have been compelled to wear face coverings. While several nations have terminated such directives as COVID cases dwindled over the past couple of years, Hong Kong persevered with its mandate. Nonetheless, this week, after 945 days, the directive has been rescinded.

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The Chief Executive of Hong Kong, John Lee, announced on Tuesday that facial coverings are henceforth no longer obligatory indoors or outdoors, in schools, or on public transport. This signifies the conclusion of one of the most protracted and stringent mask directives since the emergence of the pandemic.

Nevertheless, there has been a discordant response to the cessation of the mandate. Despite Hong Kong residents’ gratification that masking is now optional, a significant number continue to don their masks out of habit, for safety measures, or by choice.

“Not only some children but even adults will want to hold on to masks as a form of protection because in their mind the world is dangerous and unpredictable,” remarked clinical psychologist Bertie Wai to NBC News.

“Besides Covid, masks can also prevent other illnesses like the flu,” stated Melanie Choi, co-founder of the Hong Kong mask producer SAVEWO. “I would favor my children wearing masks for some time.”

Naturally, a substantial number of residents are equally elated to bid farewell to masks permanently. “Today, I’ve observed numerous individuals still wearing a mask,” disclosed 22-year-old student Ching Hou. “Yet those who are not are strolling around lightheartedly and appear in high spirits, which I am extremely content to witness because I am through with masks.”

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