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Principal Photography Concludes for ‘Winnie the Pooh’ Horror Flick


Principal Photography Concludes for ‘Winnie the Pooh’ Horror Flick

Known for his relentless sweet tooth, Winnie the Pooh, the endearing small plush bear, is most recognized for his appearances in Disney projects. Yet, the character was initially brought to life by writer A.A. Milne, and earlier this year, those tales fell into the public domain. This signifies that while Disney still has the ability to create Pooh material if they so desire, others are also free to explore the same without concern of consequences. And someone certainly did take advantage of this opportunity.

Newly unveiled images from the recently wrapped filming of Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, a horror slasher flick featuring Pooh and Piglet as savage woods dwellers on a quest to feast on the blood of the blameless after being deserted by Christopher Robin, surfaced yesterday. This unique project is being helmed by Jagged Edge Productions, with horror lover Rhys Waterfield taking the reins as director, writer, and co-producer. Following the overwhelming buzz generated by the images, Waterfield vowed to expedite the film’s completion promptly.

“Due to the considerable media attention, we are accelerating the editing process and moving swiftly through post-production,” Waterfield revealed to Variety. “However, we are also committed to ensuring its quality. It is our top priority.”

Although Pooh has now transitioned into the public domain, certain interpretations of him are still firmly under Disney’s ownership, necessitating meticulous writing of the screenplay to avoid legal entanglements. “We have been extremely cautious,” Waterfield stated. “We were well aware of the boundaries and copyrights set by Disney. Thus, we took all possible measures to ensure that [the film] was solely inspired by the 1926 edition.”

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