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Prince Harry Faces Hurdle in Covering Security Costs


Prince Harry Faces Hurdle in Covering Security Costs

Prince Harry Battles for Security: Denied Privilege to Cover Expenses, Lawsuits Persist

Prince Harry encountered a setback in his legal struggle to self-fund his security while in the UK. The High Court in London rejected the Duke of Sussex’s plea to reassess the decision to remove his police protection after stepping back from royal duties. The judge, Mr. Justice Chamberlain, dismissed the argument that Prince Harry should be permitted to finance his security from his personal assets.

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This legal battle is part of a series of litigations Prince Harry is pursuing in the UK. Another ongoing lawsuit aims to reassess the initial decision to revoke his publicly-funded protection. The UK’s Home Office defended its stance, contending that allowing affluent individuals to procure specialized police security would be inappropriate in the absence of public interest.

The denial of a judicial review for this claim deals a significant blow to Prince Harry’s endeavors. Yet, he has impending legal battles. In the upcoming month, he is set to testify in a separate trial in London related to phone-hacking allegations against the Mirror Newspaper Group. Alongside three other claimants, Prince Harry is suing the publisher for obtaining confidential information through unlawful means, such as phone hacking and private investigator involvement.

The Duke of Sussex and his spouse, Meghan, have been embroiled in a prolonged conflict with British tabloids, accusing them of breaching their privacy and circulating false narratives. The recent ruling follows a concerning incident in New York where Prince Harry and Meghan were pursued by paparazzi in a car chase, sparking safety worries. Their spokesperson labeled the occurrence as potentially “catastrophic,” underscoring the couple’s ongoing security concerns.

Prince Harry has been outspoken about safeguarding his family, often drawing parallels between his wife’s treatment and the tragic circumstances of his mother, Princess Diana. The untimely demise of the late Princess of Wales in 1997, due to a high-speed car accident during a paparazzi pursuit in Paris, has profoundly influenced Prince Harry’s views on security.

While the Duke of Sussex’s bid to cover his security costs was rebuffed, his legal pursuits persist. The resolution of these lawsuits will mold the future interactions between the royal couple and the media and establish standards regarding the entitlements and duties of public figures concerning security and confidentiality.

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