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Prince Harry Can’t Pay for Security?


Prince Harry Can’t Pay for Security?

Prince Harry’s Security Battle: Denied the Right to Pay, Lawsuits Continue

Prince Harry has faced a setback in his legal battle for the right to pay for his own security while in the UK. The High Court in London ruled against the Duke of Sussex on Tuesday, denying his bid to review the decision to withdraw his police protection following his departure as a working royal. The judge, Mr. Justice Chamberlain, rejected the argument that Prince Harry should be allowed to fund his own security out of his personal funds.

This legal challenge is part of a series of lawsuits that Prince Harry is pursuing in the UK. Another ongoing case seeks to review the original decision to strip him of taxpayer-funded protection. The UK’s Home Office defended its position, stating that allowing wealthy individuals to purchase specialized police protection would not be appropriate when the public interest does not warrant such funding.

The denial of a judicial review for this claim significantly blows Prince Harry’s efforts. However, he has other legal battles on the horizon. Next month, he is expected to return to London to testify in a separate trial related to phone-hacking claims against the Mirror Newspaper Group. Alongside three other claimants, Prince Harry is suing the publisher for obtaining private information through illicit means, including phone hacking and the use of private investigators.

The Duke of Sussex and his wife, Meghan, have been involved in a protracted conflict with British tabloids, accusing them of privacy breaches and the dissemination of false stories. Tuesday’s ruling comes after a recent incident in New York where Prince Harry and Meghan were pursued by paparazzi in a car chase, causing concern for their safety. Their spokesperson described the incident as potentially “catastrophic,” highlighting the couple’s ongoing concerns about security.

Prince Harry has been vocal about the protection of his family, often drawing comparisons between his wife’s treatment and the tragic fate of his mother, Princess Diana. The death of the late Princess of Wales in 1997, resulting from a high-speed car crash while being pursued by photographers in Paris, has deeply impacted Prince Harry’s perspective on security.

While the Duke of Sussex’s request to pay for his own security has been denied, his legal battles continue. The outcomes of these lawsuits will shape the future dynamics between the royal couple and the media and set precedents regarding the rights and responsibilities of public figures in matters of security and privacy.

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