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President Biden’s Canine Experiences Another Biting Episode


President Biden’s Canine Experiences Another Biting Episode

Credit: Unsplash

All canines are admirable companions, and no argument can persuade me otherwise. However, dogs exhibit unique traits just like humans and may not always adapt smoothly to their surroundings. For instance, if a canine spent most of its days in a private setting before suddenly being relocated to a public environment teeming with secret service personnel, it’s almost certain to react defensively.

Earlier this month, Major, President Joe Biden’s 3-year-old adopted German shepherd, was involved in a minor biting incident as he felt startled by an unfamiliar person. Fortunately, the bite did not break the skin, so the individual involved was unharmed. Nevertheless, Major was temporarily sent for training in Delaware before rejoining his White House family. Unfortunately, Major, still feeling anxious, nipped at a National Park Service worker on the South Lawn of the White House. The worker was promptly treated at the White House medical station, where it was determined that the bite was superficial and did not break the skin.

Following the initial incident, President Biden discussed Major’s challenges in adjusting during an interview with ABC News.

“I was taken aback by the White House environment itself. Living there, every corner you turn, you encounter an individual in a black jacket,” Biden expressed. “You make a turn, and there are two unfamiliar faces in your path. And he moves to protect.”

“Yet, he is a affectionate pooch. A vast majority of the individuals there adore him. He merely licks and wags his tail. However, I understand that some individuals naturally harbor a fear of dogs,” Biden continued.

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