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‘Prelude’ Marks Honda’s Inaugural Electric SUV


‘Prelude’ Marks Honda’s Inaugural Electric SUV

Credit: Unsplash

From the start of this year, Honda, as an automotive producer, has been quietly formulating strategies to launch their premier electric vehicle SUV, concurrently aiming to fulfill their past commitments of achieving complete carbon neutrality and competing with Tesla for eminence in the relatively new commercial arena. In April, it was unveiled that Honda had collaborated with General Motors to materialize this pioneering car, yet they have remained silent ever since. That is until the recent disclosure.

Today, Honda formally revealed the identity of their primary authentic electric vehicle: Prelude. The choice of name is apt, as this SUV serves as the precursor to Honda’s initiatives in the electric vehicle sector. Additionally, in a charming anecdote of self-referencing, the name shares resonance with “Prelude,” Honda’s very first sports coupe introduced in the 1980s.

“Our aspiration with the Prelude is to deliver a profoundly competitive product with the versatility to cater to the assorted requirements of our clientele,” informed Dave Gardner, the sales chief of Honda of America, to the press last week.

The Prelude stands as one of the two electric vehicles jointly under development by Honda and GM, with the second targeting Acura. Information concerning the Prelude remains notably scarce at the moment, albeit reports suggest that the principal power source for the SUV will be GM’s exclusive Ultium battery pack. This car is scheduled for release in 2024, marking the initial stride in Honda’s longstanding ambition of actualizing complete carbon neutrality by 2040.

Gardner recently admitted that Honda might be somewhat lagging in the quest for truly efficient electric vehicles, yet he also clarified that the company is far from commencing at ground zero in this venture. “Although we haven’t been perceived as frontrunners in recent years, we’re not novices in the field of electrified transportation,” he remarked.

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