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Postponed PAX East, Virtual Event Ahead


Postponed PAX East, Virtual Event Ahead

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Apprehension and ambiguity regarding the global situation notwithstanding, the previous year has proven to be a rather favorable period for enthusiasts. Apart from some initial lulls in entertainment offerings as the populace adapted, there has been an abundance of series to binge-watch and games to engage with, all within the confines of one’s abode. Nonetheless, there is one element that many of us have been conspicuously yearning for: expos. Expos stand as the polar opposite of COVID-19 safety, with individuals congregating in enclosed spaces in close proximity, many voicing their thoughts aloud with mouths agape. This is why virtually all expos over the past year have been called off. Despite the advent of vaccinations offering a glimmer of hope amid the pandemic, it is still premature to jeopardize such mass gatherings, a sentiment reiterated by the PAX committee.

Penny Arcade Expo, popularly known as PAX, is a trilogy of annual expos held at key locales across the United States. These expos often spotlight the cream of the crop among the world’s diverse fandoms, encompassing gaming competitions, costume contests, declarations from creators, and more. Regrettably, given the existing pandemic scenario in the United States, staging such a colossal expo is not a viable option at present.

“In light of ongoing public health concerns, ReedPop and Penny Arcade will not hold PAX East this year,” the organizers shared on the expo’s Twitter handle. “Acknowledging the US’ strides in combatting COVID-19 in recent months, we harbor restrained optimism about West & Unplugged proceeding with in-person celebrations on September 3-6 and December 10-12.”

All is not lost, though. While an in-person event is off the table, PAX organizers are gearing up to revive their virtual version, PAX Online, this summer. This marks the second instance where organizers have opted for a virtual expo, having faced cancellations of last year’s PAX expos as well. Much like the past year, PAX Online will showcase an array of demonstrations and contests, all accessible for free from the comfort of home.

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