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PlatinumGames Urges for ‘Scalebound’ Resurrection


PlatinumGames Urges for ‘Scalebound’ Resurrection

Credit: Unsplash

Since 2014, Microsoft had revealed the inception of Scalebound, an ambitious action title in collaboration with PlatinumGames, the masterminds behind acclaimed action hits such as Bayonetta and Astral Chain. Regrettably, following the initial revelation, there was a prolonged silence surrounding the game’s development until it was abruptly scrapped in 2017.

In a recent conversation with IGN Japan, Platinum Chief Executive Atsushi Inaba, in conjunction with renowned director Hideki Kamiya, reflected on their disappointment over the incomplete status of the game and expressed their eagerness to resume work on it with Microsoft’s approval.

“During interviews, developers often diplomatically mention their willingness to revisit projects given the chance, but this is not just a gesture for us,” Inaba emphasized. “Both Kamiya and I genuinely yearn to revive Scalebound. We are earnest about it. I anticipate engaging in constructive dialogue with Microsoft.”

“Considerable progress had been made in the development phase, and it appears wasteful for Microsoft to detain it without further action,” Kamiya remarked, concluding with an impassioned “Phil! Phil! Let’s embark on this journey!” in English, addressing Xbox Head Phil Spencer.

As of the time of writing, Microsoft has not issued a public response to Platinum’s appeal.

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