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PepsiCo to Collaborate with Beyond Meat in 2022


PepsiCo to Collaborate with Beyond Meat in 2022

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The globally renowned PepsiCo, known for its assortment of snacks and beverages, has yet to fully embrace the ethos of “organic and eco-friendly,” despite its persistent endeavors in this realm. On the flip side, Beyond Meat is carving a sustainable path with its advancements in plant-derived proteins, albeit struggling with limited resources and recognition. The convergence of these two entities was inevitable.

In a strategic move, PepsiCo and Beyond Meat have unveiled The PLANeT Partnership (deliberate capitalization) slated to kick off operations in January 2022. This collaboration will grant PepsiCo access to the eco-conscious snack market and enable it to harness the power of its already established brand. Conversely, Beyond Meat will benefit from PepsiCo’s production facilities and marketing expertise.

“I believe this partnership will usher in a transformative joint venture,” remarked Pepsi’s CEO Ramon Laguarta in an interview with CNBC.

The announcement of The PLANeT Partnership comes in the wake of Pepsi’s recent introduction of the Pep+ initiative, unveiled on a Wednesday. This program is designed to explore and produce more sustainable alternatives for Pepsi’s range of offerings, including reducing plastic usage, incorporating plant proteins, cutting down on salt and sugar content, and investing in burgeoning agricultural pursuits. Pepsi is fully committed to sustainability, manifesting in initiatives like transitioning to a hybrid office model to diminish paper and fuel consumption.

“There’s no need to commute to the office for tasks like making calls or sending emails,” Laguarta emphasized to CNBC. “Such practices are wasteful, consuming personal time unnecessarily and contributing to pollution.”

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