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Pepsi Unveils Nitrogen-Enriched Taste | The Daily Wobble


Pepsi Unveils Nitrogen-Enriched Taste | The Daily Wobble

Credit: Unsplash

Never one to be beaten by Coca-Cola, which recently launched their enigmatic new Coke Starlight flavor, Pepsi has unveiled their own creation, Nitro Pepsi. This isn’t just another typical Pepsi variation. Nitro Pepsi sets itself apart from the regular beverage on a structural level.

Instead of being carbonated with carbon like regular Pepsi, Nitro Pepsi is infused with nitrogen. This gives its effervescence a more subtle touch and imparts a velvety, frothy feel to the drink. The nitrogen is released from a specialized “widget” at the base of the new can upon opening. This technology mirrors that found in cans of Guinness beer, and Nitro Pepsi is said to offer a comparable, creamy experience to such beverages. Pepsi even suggests serving the drink in a similar fashion to a stout beer, by chilling the can and pouring it into a tall glass without ice.

“Although soda has been a favored beverage for numerous consumers throughout the last century, some individuals still find heavy carbonation a hindrance when it comes to relishing a cold cola,” remarked Todd Kaplan, Pepsi’s marketing vice president, in an official statement. He proudly asserted that Nitro represents a “significant advancement for the cola genre and will redefine cola for years to come.”

Nitro Pepsi will be available on store shelves in individual cans and four-packs starting March 28.

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