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Penelope Disick’s Playful Tease to Father Scott on Dating


Penelope Disick’s Playful Tease to Father Scott on Dating

11-Year-Old Shares Her Thoughts on Her Father’s Love Life with Wit and Warmth

During a recent episode of “The Kardashians,” Penelope Disick, the 11-year-old daughter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, exhibited her clever sense of humor by playfully mocking her father regarding his dating preferences.

Scott, also known as the Talentless founder, good-naturedly accepted Penelope’s evaluation, recognizing that pursuing much younger partners may not be the most favorable choice. Even though he’s open to considering age differences, it’s evident that he highly regards his daughter’s perspective.

Penelope also voiced her opinion on the qualities she would like to see in a potential partner for her dad. She suggested that having a “good personality” and being “attractive” were important characteristics. Additionally, she playfully advised, “You should also go to the gym,” emphasizing the significance of physical fitness to her father.

“I want him to have a girlfriend,” expressed Penelope, demonstrating her genuine concern for her father’s happiness and companionship.

Scott Disick’s dating history has sometimes involved age disparities. He was previously in a relationship with Sofia Richie, who is 15 years his junior, and briefly dated Amelia Hamlin, who is 18 years younger. His most recent romantic involvement was with Rebecca Donaldson, with a 14-year age gap.

In a past episode of “The Kardashians,” Scott opened up about how a back injury he sustained in a car accident affected various aspects of his life, including his physical well-being and sex life. He jokingly mentioned that while his back pain should be reason enough to seek medical attention, the prospect of “getting back on the wagon” in the dating scene served as an additional incentive.

Penelope Disick’s playful banter serves as a reminder of the authentic and relatable moments that frequently unfold within the Kardashian-Jenner family, showcasing their shared love and laughter.

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