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Paul Rudd Crowned as ‘2021’s Most Attractive Man’ by People Magazine


Paul Rudd Crowned as ‘2021’s Most Attractive Man’ by People Magazine

Credit: Unsplash

Annually, People Magazine selects the Most Attractive Man looking at influence, charm, and of course, natural attractiveness. Prior winners of this esteemed accolade include personalities such as John Legend, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, Adam Levine, Channing Tatum, and David Beckham. This year’s recipient is another familiar face from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and an appealing gentleman indeed: Paul Rudd.

Most notably recognized for his performances in movies like This is 40 and Clueless, and notably, the MCU’s Ant-Man, Rudd confessed his surprise at being named as well as feeling honored.

“I possess enough awareness to understand that when people hear that I’m chosen for this title, they might question it,” Rudd shared with People in his feature interview. “This isn’t false modesty. There are numerous other deserving candidates ahead of me.”

Rudd humorously commented that winning this recognition might potentially lead to more invitations to what he humorously calls “elegant gatherings” with other aesthetically pleasing individuals.

“I reckon I’ll find myself on numerous more yachts,” Rudd expressed. “I’m thrilled to enhance my yachting experiences. Additionally, I might endeavor to improve my ability to brood in exceptionally soft illumination. Contemplation is a practice I appreciate. I believe this will aid me in becoming more introspective and enigmatic. I anticipate that.”

“I mean, I’m going all in. I’m totally embracing this,” he continued. “I won’t pretend to be all ‘Oh, I’m so humble.’ I’m actually having business cards printed. But my pals will mock me relentlessly, and I anticipate that, and that’s what true friends are for.”

Upon breaking the news of the honor to his wife Julie, Rudd received a response as astonished as his own. “Nevertheless, she reacted very kindly,” he mentioned regarding his spouse. “Following some laughter and astonishment, she mentioned, ‘Oh, they made the right choice.’ That was incredibly thoughtful. Perhaps she wasn’t entirely truthful, but what else could she say?”

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