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Paternal and Offspring Penalized for Assisting Evasion of Carlos Ghosn


Paternal and Offspring Penalized for Assisting Evasion of Carlos Ghosn

Credit: Unsplash

During the end of 2019, Carlos Ghosn, former chair of automotive company Nissan, was confined within his residence due to suspicions of concealing his earnings and misusing corporate funds. By that time, Ghosn had been in captivity for approximately a year, but suddenly, he disappeared from his abode in Japan. Upon resurfacing, he had already absconded to Lebanon, evading the Japanese authorities as Lebanon lacked an extradition agreement with Japan. While Ghosn eluded capture, the individuals who assisted in his flight were not as fortunate.

Michael Taylor, accompanied by his offspring Peter, were apprehended in Massachusetts in May of the preceding year and were extradited to Japan for trial in March. Although Ghosn orchestrated the escape and potentially provided inaccurate information to engage their support, this fact does not absolve them of their role, which warrants punishment. Today, the sentencing was delivered: Michael Taylor will endure a two-year term in a Japanese penitentiary, while his son will be incarcerated for one year and eight months.

In defense of the duo, their legal counsel, Keiji Isaji, contended that they should be granted suspended sentences, citing the ten months spent in confinement in the United States during the extradition process. However, Chief Judge Hideo Nirei contended that time spent in holding should be distinguished from served time and treated separately.

The current location of the third member of Ghosn’s escape party, George-Antoine Zayek, remains unknown.

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