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Overhaul of ‘The Advocate’ Following Substantial Criticism


Overhaul of ‘The Advocate’ Following Substantial Criticism

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CBS recently unveiled their upcoming reality series, slated to premiere next month: ‘The Advocate’. The program was structured akin to X-Factor, placing multiple activists in a competitive faceoff for a chance to engage with global leaders at the forthcoming G20 summit. Many found the portrayal of activism as a game show to be rather callous, a sentiment echoed by a wave of disapproval from genuine activists and campaigners, with the mildest criticism dubbing the show “insensitive.”

Following a week of controversy, CBS opted to reconsider their approach after a prominent celebrity judge expressed reservations and acknowledged their lack of qualifications to assess such a premise. The show’s producer, the international advocacy group Global Citizen, owned up to their misstep in a public statement.

“Global advocacy thrives on collaboration and unity, not rivalry. We extend our apologies to the activists, hosts, and the broader advocacy community – we misjudged.”

“The intention behind ‘The Advocate’ was to spotlight for a wider audience the fervor, dedication, and innovation that activists channel into reshaping the world, with the hope of motivating others,” Global Citizen and CBS stated jointly.

“Yet, it’s now evident that the show’s initially proposed format detracts from the significant efforts of these remarkable activists within their communities on a daily basis. Advocating for global change is not a contest but a unified endeavor.”

The series will be transformed from a competitive reality show to a documentary shedding light on the “untiring endeavors of six activists and the influence they wield advocating for causes they deeply champion.”

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