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Outcry From Texas Merchants in Response to Termination of Mask Mandate


Outcry From Texas Merchants in Response to Termination of Mask Mandate

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As announced during a public address on Tuesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed the state’s decision to revoke its official mask mandate, allowing all businesses to operate at full capacity. This move by Abbott was promptly met with widespread opposition from both Texas residents and individuals elsewhere who argue that it is premature to ease anti-COVID-19 regulations. Medical professionals have warned that if Texans cease wearing masks, a resurgence of the virus is highly likely. Nevertheless, disregarding Abbott’s announcement, numerous retailers nationwide have committed to upholding mask regulations regardless of governmental directives.

Well-known retailers such as Kroger, Target, and Walgreens have explicitly stated that they will adhere solely to the guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control, and consequently, will continue to enforce the wearing of face masks for both staff and customers.

“At present, there are no alterations to the company’s mask mandate policy or the current safety measures implemented in our stores and workplaces to safeguard our customers and employees. We are abiding by the current safety protocols recommended by the CDC and OSHA,” conveyed a Walgreens representative via email.

“If a patron enters without a mask or face covering, we will direct them to our signage and implore that they safeguard themselves and others by heeding expert advice and wearing a face covering,” a CVS Health spokesperson explained. “To ensure safety, our staff are instructed to avoid escalating altercations with non-compliant customers and instead assist them in completing their transactions promptly.”

Similarly, small business proprietors in Texas have echoed these sentiments, unwilling to jeopardize themselves or their enterprises. “This action is premature,” remarked thrift store volunteer Humbelina Gonzales in an interview with CNN. “If an individual refuses to wear a mask, they will be denied entry. That’s my stance.”

“By shifting the responsibility to businesses, he’s setting the stage for conflicts,” opined San Antonio restaurant owner Mike Nguyen in reference to Gov. Abbott.

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