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Objective to Cease In-Store Sales of Pokémon Cards


Objective to Cease In-Store Sales of Pokémon Cards

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Due to reasons that elude my grasp, specific collectible cards have surged in worth. Resellers, enthusiasts, and adventurers have been purchasing sets of Pokémon collectible cards, as well as baseball, basketball, and football cards. Recent promotions involving Pokémon cards, like the one held at McDonald’s a few months back, have been flooded with resellers aiming to acquire a rare card and convert it into substantial profits. This situation has evolved into a series of criminal acts; for instance, a Japanese individual recently intruded into a trading card store in Tokyo by rappelling down from a rope, emulating scenes from “Mission: Impossible.” Furthermore, just last week, a dispute between two individuals in Wisconsin over cards at a Target store escalated to one of them brandishing a firearm at the other, luckily without any shots being fired.

Following the aforementioned incident, Target has opted to distance itself from the entire commotion. Yesterday, Target disclosed that starting on May 14, all Pokémon, MLB, NFL, and NBA trading cards will be removed from physical store shelves and will remain unavailable until further notice.

“Ensuring the safety of our customers and employees is our primary concern,” a Target representative articulated to Bleeding Cool. “As a precautionary measure, we have opted to temporarily discontinue the sale of MLB, NFL, NBA, and Pokémon collectible cards in our physical stores, effective May 14. Customers can still make purchases of these cards on”

Prior to the firearm incident, Target had been becoming increasingly frustrated with the card frenzy, enforcing restrictions on the quantity of packs one person could purchase at a time and threatening to involve law enforcement against individuals camping outside storefronts waiting to buy cards. Those who view collectible cards as a mere pastime rather than a lucrative opportunity have voiced some discontent towards Target for their choice to discontinue card sales, although they do comprehend Target’s hesitation to continue vending them. Once again, the blame is squarely placed on the resellers.

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