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NYC Government Issues Directive to Eliminate Spotted Lanternflies


NYC Government Issues Directive to Eliminate Spotted Lanternflies

Credit: Unsplash

My practice does not involve the act of crushing insects, as long as they stay beyond my personal boundary. Any insect that dares to enter my home and catch my eye is destined for oblivion. Outside of that zone, insects play a vital role in our ecological system and are better off undisturbed if they do not intrude upon you. However, when they are not part of our native ecosystem, then it is not only permissible to eliminate them but also encouraged by local authorities.

Diverse influential figures and entities within New York City’s agricultural sector, ranging from the NYC Parks department to the head of horticulture at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, have issued a directive to eradicate spotted lanternflies on sight. These lanternflies originate from China, India, and Vietnam, yet they have begun to establish a presence in the US as an alien species in recent years. New York City, in particular, has witnessed a surge in these insects, predominantly near parks and farmlands, and if left unchecked, they could pose significant issues in the future.

While spotted lanternflies do not pose a threat to humans and are admittedly aesthetically appealing when displaying their wings, they are a severe menace to crops such as grapes, apples, and walnuts. Furthermore, they have the potential to weaken and deteriorate local trees, although fortunately, they do not have the ability to kill them outright.

“Despite their appealing appearance, spotted lanternflies are invasive nuisances and pose a danger to the well-being of our city’s woodlands,” stated the NYC Parks department on Instagram. “If you come across one, KINDLY dispose of it and report its sighting to Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.”

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