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Novel Subway Subs Branded a Risky Peril


Novel Subway Subs Branded a Risky Peril

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Many gags can be crafted concerning the detrimental effects of fast food. One could jest about a “cardiac arrest on a roll” and other comedic quips. However, typical fast food threats revolve around nutritional concerns. This is not the case with the recent Subway Fresh Melts. Immediate worries lie elsewhere.

Recently, Subway debuted the Fresh Melt offerings, which include Tuna, Ham, and Steak variants crowned with an alarming quantity of cheese and toasted on elongated bread. The issue arises when an excessive amount of cheese is added to a Subway sandwich and then toasted – the cheese melts, drips, and starts infiltrating everything in its vicinity. The dripping cheese not only caused tangible harm to Subway’s toasting equipment but also poses a severe danger to Subway staff due to its scalding hot nature.

Consequently, the North American Association of Subway Franchisees (NAASF) has officially tagged the Fresh Melts as a hazard, cautioning its members to exercise caution before incorporating this item in their menus. Simultaneously, they have censured Subway’s headquarters for failing to address these incidents adequately.

“We are greatly dismayed by FWH leadership’s decision to forge ahead with this release without resolving these critical matters first,” the association noted in a cautionary message.

In response, Subway’s corporate entity has stated that the sandwiches underwent rigorous testing before their limited release.

“Ensuring the safety of our franchisees and their employees is of paramount importance to us,” a company spokesperson informed Restaurant Business. “Apart from offering comprehensive training materials, standard operating procedure involves exhaustive testing of all new products and innovations, with subsequent operational adjustments and equipment modifications as necessary. This guarantees that our franchisees and diligent sandwich artisans can consistently and securely prepare the high-quality meals expected by our patrons.”

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