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Novel Analysis Suggests Hurricanes May Commence Advancing Inland


Novel Analysis Suggests Hurricanes May Commence Advancing Inland

Research argues that the impact of climate change could propel hurricanes further inland in the coming decades.

With the escalating modifications in the environment spurred by global climate change, the observable effects on the surrounding world have become increasingly apparent. A significant aspect is the rise in frequency and intensity of tropical storms, with recent hurricane seasons being notably prolonged and severe. According to a fresh study, this could mark the initiation of a notably breezier future.

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A report by the nonprofit climate research organization First Street Foundation states that due to the alterations in the world’s climate, tropical storms and hurricanes are anticipated to begin penetrating further inland within the next three decades. Based on their projections, about 13 million properties in the central United States, currently unaffected by hurricanes, could soon face formidable gusts of wind. Although the changes in the environment are not foreseen to significantly increase the frequency of storm occurrences, they are expected to be of greater intensity and duration.

“As a powerful storm reaches the shore and disconnects from its source of sustenance, warm ocean waters, the storm’s strength determines its ability to infiltrate further into the inland areas,” explained Ed Kearns, chief data officer at First Street Foundation. “Consequently, you begin to witness risks emerging in locations like western Tennessee. Some patterns in how deeply they extend inland have taken me by surprise.”

“The relocation and intensification of hurricanes in Florida alone are expected to result in the number of properties potentially encountering a Category 5 hurricane rising from 2.5 million in 2023 to 4.1 million by the year 2053,” as per the analysis from First Street researchers.

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