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Notorious ‘Wicked Elmo’ Spotted in Santa Cruz


Notorious ‘Wicked Elmo’ Spotted in Santa Cruz

A person in the outfit of Cookie Monster was sighted wandering near Santa Cruz Wharf.

In approximately 2015, a gentleman in a mascot attire of the famous character from Sesame Street, Elmo, briefly caused disturbance on the roads of San Francisco. This individual, recognized as 54-year-old Adam Sandler (not the actor), would roam around the streets, offering to have pictures taken with visitors and verbally attacking anyone who did not pay him. Eventually, Sandler was prohibited from San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf and Embarcadero piers.

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However, Sandler has reappeared in recent weeks, this time frequenting the streets near Santa Cruz Wharf dressed as a different Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster. Even though he has not engaged in any criminal activities, he is known in Californian towns as a mischief-maker, prompting local authorities to advise residents and tourists to stay away from him.

“We are receiving reports from individuals describing him as ‘creepy.’ Considering his past, we recommend the public to avoid interacting with this individual. Keep your distance,” stated SCPD spokeswoman Joyce Blaschke in an interview with local news channel KRON4 on Tuesday.

“You might have recently noticed a man dressed as the Cookie Monster in the Santa Cruz region, including the Beach and Wharf areas. It is vital to understand that he is not an official employee, contractor, or authorized by the City of Santa Cruz or any local establishment,” a representative for the Wharf stated in a public announcement.

“He is exercising his rights under the First Amendment, but if you witness any inappropriate behavior or him falsely claiming to be affiliated with the City or a business, please contact Santa Cruz Police immediately.”

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