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Nothing Like Some Quality Entertainment


Nothing Like Some Quality Entertainment

You know what’s really great about the prevalence of streaming these days? Ease of access. Back in the olden days of the mid-2000s, if you wanted to watch a show on your own time, you had to be a certified black belt in Google-Fu just to find a video somewhere, and that was assuming you didn’t mind absolutely garbage quality.

It was a little easier to find cartoons and anime because, I presume, folks in those spheres tended to be a little more tech-savvy. Of course, there weren’t any dedicated sites for stuff like that back then. If you wanted to watch a single episode of a currently airing anime, you had to wait days or even weeks for some rando to write up subtitles, and then the video itself would be divided up into like, eight parts and scattered around some no-name video site.

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It was even worse if you wanted to watch live-action stuff. Anything currently airing on US television? Forget about it. If you wanted to watch some sitcom, you watched it at 5 PM sharp on channel 10, or you didn’t watch it at all. That’s certainly something I don’t miss about basic cable, being beholden to an airing schedule.

For any complaints one could make about the over-saturation of streaming these days (and some of them are fair), you gotta admit, it’s pretty boss to have a gigantic back-catalog of stuff to watch on your own schedule. I don’t even mind sitting through commercials, in Hulu’s case, because I can pause the show when it comes back to go to the bathroom and whatnot. I do not miss having to take light-speed bathroom breaks during commercials, let me tell you.

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