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‘Nomadland’ Secures Best Picture at Oscars


‘Nomadland’ Secures Best Picture at Oscars

Credit: Unsplash

During these pandemic times, the Oscars seem exceptionally unusual. I haven’t stepped foot in a cinema since the release of Joker in 2019. While my at-home viewing has been plentiful, most of the films I’ve watched during quarantine are at least two decades old. Nonetheless, the film industry persists, dishing out various awards, with the highly sought-after Best Picture prize being one of them.

This year, both the Best Picture and Best Director Oscars were awarded to Chloé Zhao for her movie Nomadland. The film depicts the journey of a woman living in a van after losing her job during the Great Recession of the late 2000s. Its well-received nature made its Oscar victory somewhat predictable. Zhao, elated by winning such a coveted award, particularly because she became the second woman and first person of color to win Best Director.

While accepting the Best Director award, Zhao expressed, “I’ve always encountered kindness in people worldwide. This is for those who have the faith and courage to uphold the kindness within themselves and in others, regardless of the challenges.”

With the pandemic keeping audiences away from theaters, Nomadland was simultaneously released on the streaming platform Hulu, where it garnered the majority of its views. Frances McDormand, the film’s lead, urged fans to watch it in a theater when possible.

“I urge you to experience our film on the biggest screen available,” said McDormand. “And soon, take along everyone you know into a movie theater, side by side in that dim space, and watch all the films honored tonight.”

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