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No Reports of Airborne Monkeypox Confirmed by CDC


No Reports of Airborne Monkeypox Confirmed by CDC

The virus is verified to propagate only through close contact.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States have been closely monitoring the global diffusion of the monkeypox virus, striving to ascertain its method of transmission and the most effective ways to control it. Recent speculations suggested that monkeypox had attained an airborne status akin to COVID-19; however, as per CDC, the virus has not yet reached such a stage.

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Information from the CDC notes released on Thursday concerning the transmission of monkeypox indicates that the virus "does not remain in the air and is not communicable during brief instances of shared airspace. Monkeypox transmits through direct interaction with bodily fluids or lesions on an infected person's body, or via direct contact with items that have been in contact with bodily fluids or lesions, like garments or bedding. It may also disseminate through respiratory secretions in scenarios where individuals have close, face-to-face interaction."

Subsequently, the CDC recommended wearing face coverings to impede the exchange of respiratory droplets, but solely in indoor settings where one could reasonably anticipate close physical proximity to another person's face.

"In the current monkeypox outbreak, individuals with the illness typically report close, prolonged physical contact with other infected individuals," stated the CDC. Studies are presently underway to ascertain if the virus can spread through other types of bodily fluids.

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