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Nicolas Cage Talks About ‘The Overwhelming Burden of Enormous Talent’


Nicolas Cage Talks About ‘The Overwhelming Burden of Enormous Talent’

Credit: Unsplash

During the weekend, the forthcoming movie ‘The Overwhelming Burden of Enormous Talent’ was previewed at the South by Southwest film festival. This movie features Nicolas Cage portraying a fictionalized version of himself who agrees to attend a wealthy fan’s birthday celebration for $1 million, leading to a chaotic series of events that require him to draw on various characters he’s played in the past.

While speaking to the audience at the sneak peek of the film, Cage mentioned that portraying himself was a substantial challenge, but he felt compelled to do so precisely because of its enormity. “It felt like walking on a tightrope, it was frightening,” he expressed at the premiere. “Not a single fiber in my body suggested to me the idea of playing any form of myself in a film. The sheer terror drove me to take on the role.”

Initially worried that the film might turn into a parody and that he was being coerced into self-mockery, Cage reconsidered after receiving a letter from the film’s director, Tom Gormican.

“Through that letter, it became evident to me that his intentions were more focused on a sincere appreciation of my earlier performances and a tribute to them, along with elements of the emotional experiences I’ve encountered that may be familiar or unfamiliar to people,” shared Cage.

“So I thought, ‘Alright, there might be something worthwhile here.’ Furthermore, I have somewhat of a guiding principle, which is that the very thing that scares you is likely the one you should approach, because there’s a good chance you’ll gain insights from it, as long as it’s reasonable and doesn’t cause harm to yourself or others.”

‘The Overwhelming Burden of Enormous Talent’ is set to debut in theaters on April 22, 2022.

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