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Nicola Coughlan Reveals the Pressure to Hide Her Age When Auditioning for Roles

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Nicola Coughlan Reveals the Pressure to Hide Her Age When Auditioning for Roles

“I’m like, I’m not skilled at deception. And it would feel odd to me.”

The esteemed star of Bridgerton and beloved figure Nicola Coughlan has been candid about being encouraged to deceive about her age to secure more prominent roles.

Nicola has lately been at the heart of numerous discussions concerning her youthful appearance, especially following public revelations about her true age.

For those unaware, Nicola is 37 years old. Recognized for her portrayal of teenagers in highly acclaimed television series (Clare in Derry Girls and Penelope in Bridgerton), her actual age has caused quite the stir amongst audiences.

Nicola disclosed that during the earlier stages of her career, she was urged to be dishonest about her age to access greater blueprints and roles.

“I mean, it’s odd, you know, because I was counseled a long time ago by industry professionals to falsify my age,” she mentioned. “I was genuinely uneasy about it, essentially because I’m not adept at lying. And it would make me feel strange.”

The perpetual scrutiny over women’s ages – and hers specifically – led her to reconsider her transparency regarding her true age.

“Contemplating on it, because the realm is indeed biased with age,” she articulated. “I sometimes retreat home contemplating whether I should have simply kept it unidentified. Or perhaps I shouldn’t have been so forthright? But I believe that ultimately, I would be abetting in the oppression of women.”

Nicola elucidated that she didn’t receive any exemptions or insider connections in the business, emphasizing her determination to land her inaugural role at 30. Criticizing the double standards in the business, she remarked: “Men are granted leeway to be of undefined age, whereas women are not permitted this.”

Speaking on her sense of accomplishment, she affirmed: “I achieved this independently. Thus, I harbor no embarrassment about the journey that brought me to this success. Actually, it’s something I’m deeply proud of.”

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