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Nicholas Galitzine Admits August Moon Cast Critiqued His Signature Dance Move

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Nicholas Galitzine Admits August Moon Cast Critiqued His Signature Dance Move

‘The Idea Of You’ star Nicholas Galitzine acknowledges his August Moon companions brought up a particular dance step during practice sessions.

Nicholas Galitzine, though a vocalist, doesn’t hold the title of a seasoned dancer and doesn’t pretend to be proficient at it either.

The Mary & George lead confessed that while preparing for August Moon‘s Coachella performance in the steamy romantic comedy The Idea of You, his group members confronted him about discontinuing a certain embarrassing dance gesture – how uncomfortable!

The remaining members of the on-screen boy band were no vocalists but they all had dance backgrounds and they staged a performance akin to BTS with plenty of coordinated dance routines.

While perfecting their act, Nicholas found himself persisting in what his companions referred to as a ‘t**ty swipe’. “There was this gesture where I figured I’d seen someone do a swipe down the torso, but reviewing the footage, no such swipe was evident,” he disclosed.

“Eventually, I was chastised for it,” he revealed. “They pointed out, ‘You’ve been persisting with your t**ty swipe throughout the past several rehearsal sessions.’

“Thankfully, I dropped the t**ty swipe,” he supplemented.

We suspect numerous The Idea Of You enthusiasts would have favored seeing a Hayes Campbell chest swipe or two.

Naturally, August Moon has been frequently equated to One Direction especially since the book’s author, Robinne Lee, mentioned Hayes was partially modeled after Harry Styles.

Nonetheless, Nicholas expressed that visually they drew more inspiration from South Korean groups like BTS and BLACKPINK rather than from One Direction.

He further believes that August Moon’s tunes have “a more nineties vibe” in contrast to any of the One Direction members’ chart-toppers.

Commenting on the comparisons drawn between his role Hayes and the ‘As It Was’ artist Harry, Nicholas stated, “I think it’s essential that we refrain from making exaggerated comparisons,” he articulated.

“Seeing that [Harry Styles] is an actual individual, existing within the realms of music and cinema [and] it’s vital to respect their distinctiveness instead of insinuating a direct correlation with an existing persona.”

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