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News about Alleged Development of Amazon Department Stores


News about Alleged Development of Amazon Department Stores

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Amazon’s widely available and economical services have significantly impacted traditional physical retail sectors in recent years. Numerous malls and retail stores have been diminishing rapidly. Given Amazon’s dominance, many unused commercial properties are left idle, and it seems Amazon might take advantage of them.

According to an alleged insider at Amazon as cited by The Wall Street Journal, the online giant is contemplating establishing its chain of department stores, offering a variety of items similar to those found during online Amazon browsing sprees. Initially, these stores are expected to open in California and Ohio, each spanning around 30,000 square feet. To put it into perspective, this is comparable to the size of a TJ Maxx but smaller than a conventional multi-story department store.

Amazon has refrained from commenting on this matter, citing a policy of not addressing rumors and speculations. Nonetheless, such a move wouldn’t be surprising for the retail giant. Amazon owns Whole Foods, a prominent grocery chain in the nation, and has previously explored physical retail through cashier-less grocery and convenience stores. Financially equipped, Amazon could sustain any potential losses from maintaining physical stores as they compete mainly against themselves rather than external rivals.

Reportedly, the stores might focus on clothing, electronics, and merchandise from Amazon’s in-house brands like Amazon Basics.

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