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New Pokémon TV Streaming App Launched for Nintendo Switch


New Pokémon TV Streaming App Launched for Nintendo Switch

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Ever since 1997, the Pokémon TV series (technically classified as an anime, although it doesn’t quite feel like one) has been a fundamental component of children’s entertainment on Saturday mornings. I owned a VHS tape containing the initial episodes and watched it repeatedly until it became unreadable. Regardless of whether you are a long-time enthusiast or a recent follower, there is a Pokémon season tailored for every viewer, and now there exists a platform where you can freely enjoy it (mostly).

The Nintendo Switch has now introduced a fresh streaming application on its eShop. Despite the clamor for Netflix, the offering is Pokémon TV, a service that offers not only glimpses but whole seasons of the Pokémon series. Pokémon TV has functioned as a web application since 2010, but this marks its pioneering transition onto a gaming platform for streaming purposes. The application includes multiple seasons of the series for full streaming. Moreover, viewers can also indulge in some of the special animations like Pokémon: Twilight Wings and Pokémon Origins.

For gamers, the application provides glimpses into competitive Pokémon tournaments as well as trading card tournaments. Families with young trainers can enjoy Pokémon-themed sing-alongs and nursery rhymes on the app. Notably, there are no advertisements or charges associated with the platform; all content is offered for streaming and viewing at no cost, enabling caregivers to entrust it to children without any concern of unauthorized credit card usage. The sole caveat is that the availability of episodes may vary over time, necessitating an immediate dive into the content you wish to view.

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