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New Orleans Locals Transform Residences into Mardi Gras Floats


New Orleans Locals Transform Residences into Mardi Gras Floats

Credit: Unsplash

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to the cancellation of most major social gatherings this year, and unfortunately, Mardi Gras is no different. Last year’s Mardi Gras took place just before the pandemic escalated in the United States, unintentionally becoming one of the initial super-spreader events in the country. With no parades scheduled this year, the absence of parade floats has left New Orleans residents with surplus materials. Since they can’t celebrate on the streets, they’ve brought the celebration home.

Upon learning about the parade cancellation, New Orleans resident Megan Boudreaux felt disheartened. With her creative spirit yearning for an outlet, she proposed an alternative on her Twitter.

“I thought, ‘Alright then, I’ll adorn my house instead, grab beads from the attic, and share the festive spirit with my neighbors,” she expressed.

She echoed her sentiments on Facebook, attracting a wave of New Orleans locals eager to join in. “The idea resonated with everyone, and they were enthusiastic about creating their own house floats,” she shared. “One shop owner coined the concept ‘Yardi Gras,’ and it gained widespread popularity.”

The groundwork commenced months ago, and as Mardi Gras approaches, residents have started constructing their “Yardi Gras” exhibits. Over 3,000 homes across the city are partaking in this initiative, with organizers developing an online map for interested observers to drive by and admire the decorations.

“Our attic is brimming with Mardi Gras ‘throws’ we’ve collected over the years,” mentioned French Quarter resident Terri Bird. “This is the ideal opportunity to use them. I even have inflatable guitars to give to those dressed exuberantly in Mardi Gras attire.”

“Witnessing the overwhelming support from the community has been truly uplifting,” remarked Old Aurora resident Meghan Davis. “While I look forward to returning to body painting next year, this is a wonderful way to celebrate without focusing on the typical parades and excessive drinking.”

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