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Netflix Incorporating Hit Documentary in the Upcoming Week


Netflix Incorporating Hit Documentary in the Upcoming Week

Credit: Unsplash

In advance of the lockdown situation caused by the pandemic, the reminiscence of video stores such as Blockbuster was already fading. Streaming platforms like Netflix have effectively taken over the entire video rental sector, resulting in the closure of most rental outlets, both independent and chain-owned. Nevertheless, one Blockbuster video store, situated in Bend, Oregon, remains operational and harbors its own unique narrative.

Commencing on Monday, March 15, Netflix will introduce The Last Blockbuster to its collection, a documentary outlining the decline of Blockbuster and how the Bend location survived the video store crisis. Apart from individuals well-versed in the subject, the documentary includes appearances from notable personalities in the entertainment industry like Kevin Smith, Ron Funches, and James Arnold Taylor, sharing their personal experiences and recollections of the nostalgic franchise. Although this documentary was released last year and is accessible for rent on various platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, and Fandango, its arrival on the leading streaming service is certain to increase its visibility.

“Many are aware that Blockbuster had the opportunity to acquire Netflix early in its journey but declined. It’s quite ironic that our film, The Last Blockbuster, is now making its way to Netflix next week,” quoted the official Facebook page of the film on Monday. “We are thrilled for audiences to witness this homage to the era of home video on the biggest streaming platform globally. Just remember to rewind it after viewing and return it by noon on Wednesday.”

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