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Netflix Edits Real Phone Number Out of ‘Squid Game’


Netflix Edits Real Phone Number Out of ‘Squid Game’

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Typically, whenever a movie or a show needs to provide a phone number to a character, it’s an obviously fake one, usually starting with “555.” This is done because people, being, y’know, people, have a tendency to call the numbers they see in their favorite films and shows just to see if something interesting happens. Unfortunately, Squid Game, the Korean drama that’s swiftly conquered the Netflix ratings and taken the world by storm, had a phone-based oversight that’s made one woman’s life especially difficult.

Kim Gil-young is a South Korean woman who operates her own sweets shop out of Seongju county. She’s used the same phone number for the past 16 years, and has that number printed on adverts for her shop. Due to an oversight in the production of Squid Game, her business number ended up appearing in several episodes of the show, prompting people all over the world to bombard her phone with calls and texts.

“I cannot focus because unknown numbers are repeatedly calling me,” Kim told CNN.

Since the show released, Kim has been inundated with callers asking about the show, leaving pranks, and calling her names. It’s gotten bad enough that her doctor diagnosed her with acute stress disorder, forcing her to begin taking medication.

“I had past customers who called to complain that they cannot get a hold of me. One caller asked for the product but when I offered it, said they were joking and hung up,” Kim said.
“I cannot tell the difference between genuine business call and prank calls.”

Netflix will be censoring Kim’s number in all episodes of Squid Game that it appears in, and they also offered her a cash payment of one million South Korean won to purchase a new phone, though Kim has found this arrangement to be unsatisfactory.

“They said they are sorry but honestly, I’m not sure if they are genuinely sorry. I wonder if they would have reacted the same if I weren’t an individual but a major company,” said Kim.

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