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Netflix Confirms Second Season for ‘Russian Doll’


Netflix Confirms Second Season for ‘Russian Doll’

Credit: Unsplash

Breaking news from Netflix as they unveil the premiere date for the upcoming second season of their acclaimed 2019 show ‘Russian Doll.’ Fans can mark their calendars for April 20 when the intriguing mix of mystery, drama, and comedy returns to screens. Starring Natasha Lyonne in the lead role as Nadia, the series captivated audiences with its Emmy-nominated performance.

The first season had viewers hooked as it followed the story of Nadia, a New Yorker stuck in a time loop where she faces death every night. The season left fans on a cliffhanger, but the upcoming season promises to answer burning questions and delve deeper into the characters’ pasts.

The official synopsis for the second season teases, “Exploring realms beyond death, Nadia and Alan embark on an unexpected journey through time via a mystical portal in Manhattan. What starts as a thrilling adventure soon turns into a challenging quest, testing their wits and determination.”

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lyonne hinted at the mind-bending nature of the upcoming season, set years ahead of the first season.

Describing the new season as a complex puzzle, Lyonne shared, “Viewers will be taken on an extraordinary journey with lots of surprises. I can’t wait for everyone to experience the twists and turns we’ve created.”

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