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Netflix Alters Authentic Phone Number From ‘Squid Game’


Netflix Alters Authentic Phone Number From ‘Squid Game’

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Normally, whenever a film or a series requires a phone number for a character, it’s typically a fake one, often beginning with “555.” This is implemented because individuals, being, well, individuals, possess a tendency to dial the numbers they observe in their beloved movies and shows just to see if something intriguing unfolds. Regrettably, Squid Game, the Korean series that swiftly dominated the Netflix viewership and captured the globe, encountered a phone-related mistake that’s significantly impacted one lady’s life.

Kim Gil-young is a South Korean woman who manages her own candy store in Seongju county. She’s utilized the identical phone number for the last 16 years, and has that number featured on advertisements for her store. Due to an error in the production of Squid Game, her business contact ended up being visible in multiple episodes of the program, leading people from all corners of the planet to barrage her phone with calls and messages.

“I find it hard to concentrate since unfamiliar numbers keep calling me,” Kim informed CNN.

Following the series launch, Kim has been swamped with callers inquiring about the show, leaving deceitful messages, and verbally abusing her. The situation has deteriorated to the extent that her physician diagnosed her with acute stress disorder, prompting her to commence medicating.

“Past customers called to express their frustration about not being able to reach me. One caller requested the product but upon my offering, claimed it was all a joke and abruptly terminated the call,” Kim disclosed.
“It’s challenging for me to distinguish between legitimate business calls and prank calls.”

Netflix will be censoring Kim’s number in all episodes of Squid Game where it appears, and they have also proposed a monetary compensation of one million South Korean won for her to acquire a new phone, yet Kim has deemed this proposal unsatisfactory.

“They conveyed their regrets but honestly, I’m uncertain if their remorse is genuine. I ponder if their response would have been identical if I were not an individual but a prominent corporation,” Kim pondered.

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