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Natalie Portman Provides Insights into ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Behind the Scenes


Natalie Portman Provides Insights into ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Behind the Scenes

A remarkable scene from the film was actually captured in a parking area.

Thor: Love and Thunder has made its way to cinema screens, not only featuring the return of Chris Hemsworth as the Thunder God but also introducing Natalie Portman as his new, hammer-wielding counterpart. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Portman discussed the film’s creation, unveiling some entertaining details about special effects and shooting locations.

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“There exists a scene that stands out as one of the most visually captivating scenes I’ve witnessed on screen, and we filmed it in real life within a Best Buy parking lot,” Portman remarked. “It’s quite astonishing to be involved in a production of this scale, and to find ourselves literally in a parking lot with a blue screen, engaging in this highly dramatic performance. It appears absolutely stunning on screen, but every time I view it, I can’t help but think, ‘That’s a Best Buy parking lot.’”

During a separate conversation with IndieWire, Portman also shared that a substantial amount of the footage involving her and her fellow actors, including some comical material, did not make it to the final edit of the film.

“There were entire sequences, planets, characters, and worlds that didn’t make it into the film, which were incredibly amusing and wonderful and consumed a significant amount of our time and effort, as well as the entire crew’s in terms of design and conception,” Portman explained. “It’s truly astonishing how much outstanding content didn’t make the final cut, considering the film already contained a surplus of great material. Usually, you’re striving to gather sufficient good material to include in the film, but this film had an overflow of content. That was truly unexpected.”

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