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NASA to Sink ISS into Pacific Ocean by 2031


NASA to Sink ISS into Pacific Ocean by 2031

Credit: Unsplash

After 22 years in space, the International Space Station (ISS), a collaborative project managed by NASA and international space agencies, is nearing the end of its operational lifespan. With about 8 years left before retirement, plans are underway for a spectacular farewell.

When the ISS is finally decommissioned in 2030, NASA will steer the station towards Earth, culminating in a dramatic descent into a sector of the Pacific Ocean famously known as the “space graveyard,” a resting place for defunct satellites and spacecraft. Prior to this controlled demise, all crew members, experiments, and valuable equipment will have been safely removed from the ISS.

Besides its contributions to understanding sustained human habitation in microgravity, the ISS has also inspired innovations in spacecraft design and space colonization. Following the retirement of the ISS, collaborative efforts are underway to launch new space stations into orbit.

Phil McAlister, who oversees commercial space ventures at NASA Headquarters, remarked, “The private sector has the technical and financial means to develop and manage commercial low-Earth orbit facilities, with support from NASA. Our aim is to extend our knowledge and operational insights to assist the private sector in creating secure, dependable, and cost-effective space destinations.”

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