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MrBeast Covers Costs for Cataract Surgery for 1,000 Individuals


MrBeast Covers Costs for Cataract Surgery for 1,000 Individuals

The notable YouTuber utilized his riches to bring back vision to 1,000 individuals.

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is recognized as one of the leading creators of content on YouTube, boasting over 130 million subscribers and a substantial net worth. Leveraging his wealth, MrBeast has transformed his videos into large-scale productions, setting up environments and funding various services. However, his latest video stands out for its immense scale and heartwarming nature.

In a video unveiled last Sunday, MrBeast personally funded surgeries to address cataracts for more than 1,000 individuals suffering from cataract-related blindness. MrBeast financed the procedures, with Florida ophthalmologist Jeff Levenson carrying them out. Levenson is also the organizer of the “Gift of Sight” initiative, aimed at providing cataract surgeries for those lacking financial means. Following the restoration of their vision, the video captured the emotional reactions of each patient as they regained clear eyesight, for some experiencing it for the first time in a long while.

Levenson, reflecting on the impact, remarked, “Half of global blindness is attributable to individuals who require a brief 10-minute surgical intervention,” revealing that his own experience of visual restoration inspired him to champion this cause.

He recounted, “Following my cataract surgery, I was amazed by the vibrancy and beauty of the world surrounding me. However, I was astounded by the realization that hundreds of millions, perhaps around 200 million worldwide, are either blind or severely visually impaired due to cataracts, unable to access such essential surgery.”

“I was unfamiliar with MrBeast,” Levenson confessed. “Initially, I was inclined to terminate the call. Fortunately, I chose otherwise.”

As of the time of writing, MrBeast’s video has garnered 46,384,722 views and 4.6 million likes. Levenson aspires that the positive feedback received by the video will catalyze “a joint endeavor to eradicate preventable blindness.”

He expressed, “If MrBeast can ignite a spark and garner support from both governmental and private sectors, we can address a significant portion of global blindness. This can be achieved at a relatively low cost, yielding remarkable enhancements in human productivity and potential.”

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