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Mourning the Loss of Wrestling Icon Scott Hall at the Age of 63


Mourning the Loss of Wrestling Icon Scott Hall at the Age of 63

Credit: Unsplash

The recent confirmation surfaced last night of the passing of Scott Hall, a celebrated figure in various professional wrestling realms such as the WWF, WCW, and WWE. He departed this world at the age of 63.

Upon suffering a hip fracture last month, Hall encountered severe medical complications as he geared up for surgery to mend it during the weekend. After being placed on life support on Sunday and subsequently taken off it on Monday, he left us. The revelation was shared by Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman, two of Hall’s dearest friends and wrestling comrades.

In the ring, Hall adopted the persona of Razor Ramon, portraying an antagonistic character. Alongside Nash and Hulk Hogan, Hall co-founded the malevolent faction known as the New World Order, more commonly referred to as the nWo.

“Just a while back, my dear friend Scott Hall passed away,” expressed Hulk Hogan. “He supported me through my difficult times when it seemed like Hulkamania was fading away. Scott Hall revived me. He brought me back into the spotlight. … The love I have for him is beyond words.

“Challenging moments may come and go, but the bad guys persist … Thus, for the original bad guy who mentored Hulk Hogan in embracing his ‘Hollywood’ persona, I’ve received nothing but love.”

“We were the ‘Outsiders’ but we had each other,” Nash penned on Instagram. “Scott always believed he didn’t deserve an afterlife. So, God, please reserve some gold-plated toothpicks for my brother. My life was enriched by his perspective on life. He was not flawless, yet as he often said, ‘The last flawless individual to tread this earth was nailed to a cross.’”

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