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Mountain Dew to Receive Hard Seltzer Flavors


Mountain Dew to Receive Hard Seltzer Flavors

Credit: Unsplash

Here’s a little story: one time, when I was in college, I left my room to throw something away in the communal dorm trash can. I could not, because it was overflowing with empty Four Loko cans. I bring this up to emphasize just how much people love alcoholic energy drinks, potential health concerns aside, and perhaps illustrate why PepsiCo is looking to bring Mountain Dew into that same sphere.

PepsiCo and Sam Adams brewer Boston Beer are teaming up to create a new variety of Mountain Dew. Over the last few years, PepsiCo has taken the Dew in a variety of different directions, from organic varieties to energy drinks. This new variety, however, will not only be Mountain Dew’s first foray into the realm of seltzer, but it’s first incarnation as an alcoholic beverage.

The new drink, aptly titled Hard Mountain Dew (stylized as “Hard Mtn Dew”), will be classified as a flavored malt beverage thanks to its 5% alcohol content. It’ll also be zero-sugar, though I imagine that’s the furthest thing from anyone’s mind right now. No word on what the drink’s caffeine content will be, but considering the track record of Mountain Dew and the Four Loko-loving demographic they’re targeting with this, it’s a safe bet that it will be exorbitant.

While consumption of alcoholic drinks has been up in the past year, and you can probably imagine why, certain alcoholic products haven’t actually been selling that well. Boston Beer’s own Truly brand of hard seltzer completely flopped compared to its expectations, delivering a heavy blow to its stock value. Hard seltzer products, despite being popular and trendy a couple of years ago, have started to fade from the public consciousness, which does raise a bit of a question mark on Hard Mountain Dew. We’ll see how well it does when it hits store shelves some time next year.

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