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Mountain Dew to Introduce Alcoholic Seltzer Flavors


Mountain Dew to Introduce Alcoholic Seltzer Flavors

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Let me share a little anecdote: during my college days, on a trip to the dormitory’s communal garbage bin, I was obstructed by a heap of empty Four Loko cans. This reminiscence serves to highlight the widespread fondness for boozy energy beverages, potentially overlooking health concerns, and sheds light on PepsiCo’s endeavor to introduce Mountain Dew into this same category.

PepsiCo and the craft beer manufacturer Boston Beer are collaborating to craft a fresh variant of Mountain Dew. In recent years, PepsiCo has diversified the Dew lineup, exploring organic options and energy blends. However, this new addition marks Mountain Dew’s debut in the seltzer arena, as well as its maiden venture into the realm of alcoholic beverages.

The novel concoction, aptly named Hard Mountain Dew (stylized as “Hard Mtn Dew”), falls under the classification of a flavored malt beverage owing to its 5% alcohol strength. It will also be sugar-free, although concerns about this are likely unimportant at present. The caffeine content remains undisclosed, but given Mountain Dew’s history and the target demographic enamored with Four Loko, one might expect an abundance of it.

Although alcohol consumption witnessed an upsurge in the past year, for understandable reasons, certain alcoholic offerings didn’t fare as well in the market. Boston Beer’s Truly hard seltzer brand, for instance, failed to meet anticipated sales figures, dealing a significant blow to its market standing. Despite the prior surge of popularity in hard seltzers, the trend seems to be waning, casting a slight shadow of doubt over the prospects of Hard Mountain Dew. The true test awaits next year when it hits the market shelves.

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