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Mountain Dew Introducing New ‘Spicy’ Variety


Mountain Dew Introducing New ‘Spicy’ Variety

Credit: Unsplash

Unable to consume Mountain Dew anymore due to my diminished capacity for high levels of caffeine, I still find delight in the array of unconventional flavors they introduce and the ensuing discussions. Each Dew flavor garners both admiration and criticism, but starting from next week, they are set to unveil a new flavor that, judging by initial reactions on Twitter, doesn’t seem to excite many.

Commencing on August 31, you will have the chance to visit Mountain Dew’s online Dew Store and purchase cans of the new Flamin’ Hot flavored drink. Yes, you read that correctly: a fiery soda will be on sale, likely reminiscent of the intensely citrusy Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Considering both brands are under PepsiCo, it’s not surprising there might be some overlap. Personally, I would have anticipated a cheese-flavored Mountain Dew over this.

“DEW has a tradition of exploring new flavors cherished by our fans. The creation of the FLAMIN’ HOT beverage was with them in mind,” expressed Matt Nielsten, PepsiCo’s senior marketing director, in a recent statement. “This beverage is among our boldest yet, and we eagerly await DEW Nation’s response to the distinctive blend of spicy and traditional sweet citrus flavors found in MTN DEW.”

Alongside the drink debut, Mountain Dew has partnered with fashion label Broken Promises to introduce a collection of Flamin’ Hot-themed clothing, featuring tops, bottoms, and hoodies. These pieces will be accessible to Broken Promises subscribers on September 3, followed by a public launch the subsequent day. Perhaps owning a piece of clothing may be worthwhile, if only to reminisce about this… intriguing venture.

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