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Motorists Trapped due to Snowstorm on Virginia I-95


Motorists Trapped due to Snowstorm on Virginia I-95

Credit: Unsplash

At the break of dawn, adverse weather conditions, including heavy ice and snow, led to a massive collision involving multiple trucks, blocking a major part of Virginia’s Interstate 95. As the highway got impassable, drivers behind the wreck had no choice but to come to a halt, forming a lengthy 48-mile line standstill due to delayed responses from local authorities.

Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia expressed his frustration about the ordeal in a tweet this morning, after spending nearly 19 hours on the road to DC starting the previous day.

Many drivers found themselves immobile in their vehicles, surrounded by snow accumulation. Some grew anxious about the possibility of prolonged entrapment as temperatures dipped below freezing after sunset. Firefighters who managed to reach the stranded cars distributed essentials like water and blankets to ensure the safety of the drivers.

“This will be one for the history books,” mentioned Virginia resident Susan Phalen, who was stuck in her car with her four dogs, in a phone conversation with CNN. She added, “I could have reached there quicker by foot.”

Phalen further elaborated, “A significant number of individuals in proximity to me have resorted to turning off their vehicles to conserve fuel, only restarting them intermittently for warmth.”

Rescue operations to clear the obstruction are still underway. Motorists caught in the ordeal have been urged to call 911 in cases of emergency requiring immediate assistance.

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