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Motorbike Racing Champion Anthony Gobert in Last Phases of Life


Motorbike Racing Champion Anthony Gobert in Last Phases of Life

Credit: Unsplash

Recognized motorbike competitor Anthony Gobert, acknowledged for his outstanding career in the 1990s, is presently in the concluding phases of his life at 48 years old. Gobert, a notable figure in the motorbike racing sphere, is under palliative care following a brief illness.

During his distinguished career, Gobert attained numerous accomplishments, including triumphs in the World Superbike Championship and the Australian Superbike and Supercross championships. His exceptional proficiency led to 11 wins in the World Superbike Championship, with a remarkable fourth-place finish in 1995. Gobert also participated in multiple MotoGP events between 1997 and 2000, consistently exhibiting his expertise with top-ten rankings.

In spite of his triumphs, Gobert encountered hurdles, including expulsion from the Suzuki team in 1997 after a drug examination failure. Nevertheless, Gobert’s contributions to the sport remain noteworthy.

Aaron Gobert, Anthony’s sibling, communicated the news on social media, declaring, “It is with sorrow that we have to announce that Anthony is currently hospitalized in palliative care and is in the final stages of his life following a short illness – please be aware that we will provide any available updates in due course.”

The racing community and enthusiasts of Anthony Gobert are encouraged to honor the family’s privacy during this challenging period. Any additional updates will be shared as they become available.

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