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‘Moon Knight’ Stars Speak Out Against Florida Bill


‘Moon Knight’ Stars Speak Out Against Florida Bill

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The Florida state government recently passed an extremely controversial bill that prohibits any classroom discussions about sexual orientation or gender identity for younger children. This bill, nicknamed by its critics as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, has drawn major criticism and condemnation from multiple organizations and businesses, especially those that do business in Florida. Yesterday, a large number of Walt Disney Company employees walked out of work both to protest the bill and encourage Disney to be firmer in its condemnation of it.

The discontent isn’t limited to Disney’s rank-and-file, however. The stars of its television and movie productions, some of its biggest moneymakers, have also made their dissatisfaction known. In an interview with Variety, Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, stars of the upcoming MCU streaming series Moon Knight, made their own concerns with the bill heard.

“It’s an absolutely ridiculous law,” Isaac said. “It’s insane. It’s insanity. And I hope that Disney as a company comes out as forcefully as possible against this idea. It’s astounding that it even exists in this country.”

“My life’s work is dedicated to creating empathy,” Hawke said about the importance of LGBTQ education. “I feel the power of stories that we tell each other. If you tell the truth about human experience, you invite empathy. And the more places we shine light, the less dark places there are, and there’s less to be afraid of. And the more we understand each other’s experiences, the more humanity we find in them, and the better we all actually feel. So that’s my job, and that’s what I believe in.”

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